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Heads Up Physiotherapy is on Brisbane's southside at Sunnybank, readily accessible from the north and south via the Gateway and/or M3 motorways.  Established by Jeanne Read, the practice offers hands on, individualised treatment with a particular emphasis on TMJ pain/jaw pain and problems, voice issues, as well as headaches and migraines. Treatment is one on one with adequate time allowed for ongoing assessment and tailored treatment to occur at each session. Assessment is important, so more time is allowed at the initial appointment to diagnose all the factors affecting the problem and to devise a treatment plan, with the patient, to take into account the patient's own goals and lifestyle factors. Home exercises play an important role in maximising treatment outcomes, minimising the number of the treatments required and aiming to eventually result in self management where possible.

You may be able to be helped if you experience such symptoms as:

TMJ pain/Jaw pain

Clicking, stiff or locking jaws

Pain in a dentally healthy tooth

Ear pain

Headaches or migraines

Voice issues or throat pain

Neck pain or stiffness

Dizziness & Vertigo

Pre and Post operative Oral Surgery

So if you are looking for a physiotherapist in Brisbane, who can treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw problems,(also known as TMD), headache, migraine, vocal dysfunction, neck or head pain give us a call to make a booking.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a thorough assessment of each presenting problem, provide up to date and comprehensive treatment, educate individuals about their condition and make each individual able to self manage where possible.

Time is to be taken to listen to all patients and to provide individual treatment that best suits their goals.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to continue to be regarded as one of the leading physiotherapy practices in the treatment of TMJ/Jaw pain, Voice problems and Headache/Migraine in Brisbane by referring specialists, doctors and dentists. We aim to maintain the high satisfaction rates of our patients, whilst completing treatment in a minimum of visits.



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